Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Dukkah is not just a dip for oil and bread...

My new batch of Dukkah is now ready and about to hit the shelves. Fresh roasted Almonds and Hazelnuts are the secret to a scrumptious dukkah, that makes you want more and more. Oh, and the right combination of freshly roasted spices of course. I use coriander and cumin, and also roast my sesame seeds to bring out the flavour. It also prolongs the shelf life. Although, I do recommend putting the Dukkah in the fridge to prolong it's shelf life even further (if it lasts that long) I also use fresh ground peppercorns and a really good quality sea salt. The salt I use in my dukkah is a biodynamic blend.
Dukkah is not just a dip you know. I use it in everything. For something completely different, roast your vegetables in dukkah, then make it into a quiche. It turns a simple roast lamb into something mouth-wateringly  ( yes I know it is not a recognised word, but have now made it so) special. Cover a roast lamb with dukkah, and use at least a dozen garlic cloves, inserted into the lamb. Place into a slow cooker and cook for at least 5 - 6 hours, depending on the size of the lamb. Make a gravy out of the delicious juices. 
My favourite all time recipe, so simple and yet stunning for a dinner party:
Put a layer of Dukkah on a salmon steak, skin side down on an oven tray, lined with baking paper. Bake until Salmon is just flaking. Serve on a creamy, garlic mash with steamed asparagus and a salad. Garnish with lime and lemon wedges. 
Another favourite is to dip french lamb chops into olive oil, then into the dukkah. Drop onto a grill pan for about 5 mins each side. Sometimes they do not even make it onto a plate! Great for the barbeque I might add. 
And, for a sensational roast chicken. Put some dukkah under the skin of the chicken. Rub some more onto the surface of he chicken, stuff a lemon and an onion into the cavity, and pour over some lemon juice. So, so good!
Roasted vegetables are sensational with dukkah and olive oil. 
And then of course, you can just serve your dukkah with olive oil and turkish bread... the traditional way. 
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